Michael S.

5.0 star rating

If you are looking for the best Philly Cheesesteak east of Philadelphia, this is where you need to come. Imitated but never equaled is what comes to mind. Fresh product, great ambiance and real people. Don't miss this spot if you are traveling through or a local. I love Jake's Steaks!!


Michael S.

5.0 star rating

So there are 2 locations and both are the best by the same owner. Juicy, cheesy, steaky goodness!!! If you are by the Marina district or the Mission you have to stop by! Naz and Junior are the best! You gotto go there on football sundays and watch the Eagles game with other Eagles fans also.


D. B.

5.0 star rating

Very nice place small quite convenient and open late Double burger so big you can't you can cut it with a knife


5.0 star rating

THIS PLACE IS SOOOO GOOD !!! OMG I LOOVEEEEE IT!! So we were craving for steak sandwiches and I found this place on google maps and I am glad we gave it a try!! We got steak sandwich with mushroom and onion, the CALI burger , Jakes phillysteak sandwich , the fried mushrooms and their waffle potatoes OMG it was soooooo gooood!!!!


Saba S.

5.0 star rating

Wonderful Food Outstanding Buffalo Chicken Wings And Philly CheeseSteak Sandwhiches We Come Or Order At Least Twice. A Week Junior Is The Best Awesome Customer Service!


Michael A.

5.0 star rating

Mushroom cheesesteak w whiz


The steak was sliced as thin as it could possibly go, the cheese tasted like it was some artisanal boutique bougie cheese but I kept reminding myself it was cheese whiz

Just wish there was more mushrooms I only had a few for the whole sandwich but I think I just got unlucky


Zoey A.

5.0 star rating

I ordered to go: the small GMO with added lettuce and mayonnaise and my husband had the small Philly Rueben, 1-order of Onion rings and curly fries!
If You Love Garlic get the GMO if not then Jake's Philly. Everything was Delicious, crispy and hot even after a mile walk back to the house. I highly recommend this establishment!


Suzanne K.

5.0 star rating

I discovered this place on Yelp as I was craving a cheesesteak. I stopped by on a Tuesday afternoon around 2 and it was pretty empty. Ordered the original cheesesteak with whiz and it did not disappoint. It wasn't Geno's or Pat's (I grew up in Philadelphia) but it was pretty darn close. Also love the Eagles gear and boathouse row decor.


Brian B.

5.0 star rating


We went down to Jake's to watch the Oregon Ducks game. These guys were awesome!  More than welcoming and the service was awesome! We got two classic cheesesteaks and a cheesy garlic waffle fry. It was so good!  I got mine with mushrooms, onions and hot peppers. By far the best cheesesteak I have ever had.Fully recommend for a great sandwich and really great customer service. Great place to catch a game!


Reviewed February 8, 2019 Tripadvisor

Great Sandwich & Beer

Walked in on a Monday during Happy Hour, grabbed a seat at the bar. Ordered a local brew which was great. Quickly decided to try the pizza cheesesteak. It was awesome. Staff & customers were very friendly to the guy visit their town. Great prices & food. Really good pr


Walked past and decided to go back and give it a try.Not local so was a little unsure.

Best decision we made that day. Staff were really friendly.Had several beers and chatted at the bar before ordering food. Bacon cheesesteak to takeaway and chicken tenders. It was delicious. Had a great night finished off with superb food.Would definately go back. ices on brew if you hit happy hour. Will visit them again when in the city.

Knaresborough, United Kingdom

Excellent  Tripadvisor Reviewed October 31, 2018


Date of visit: January 2019

Review posted February 26, 2019 GRUBHUB  5.0 star rating

These are damn good cheesesteaks and they were delivered HOT. Honestly the best part though is I microwaved the second one the next night and it was still great.


4.0 star rating


Awesome awesome bar! I was in San Fran for work for the championship game Eagles vs MN. I was told this was the place to go as it is a known Eagles bar. We arrived a couple hours before the game and it was already getting busy. The owners father actually gave us his reserved table. While small, the owners themselves are awesome and the food is great as well. Decor is all Philly related including a painted mural of boathouse row. The place was packed but the bartenders kept the beer flowing. The cheesesteaks reminded me of Philadelphia which is tough to do. Will be happy to visit again if I'm ever back in town during football season.


5.0 star rating


Just like South Philly with Amoroso rolls, Whiz and even Tastykakes, Jake's is the real deal. The brothers who run this joint are awesome, friendly and comped us free sodas and a side of Whiz because they were running a tad late on their Grub Hub order.  We got here a little before 5pm and soon after, the place was packed with regulars, a guy in a Stetson talking smack at the bar and despite the cold, foggy wet weather outside--there was something about this place that warmed me right up.  The sandwiches were stuffed with perfectly cooked ribeye, albeit a little light on the Whiz.  Eagles gear adorned the walls.

We love "Jake's Steak's!!  We discovered during a sad time in our lives as we were walking around worrying about our sick puppy who was around the corner @ a pet hospital  & that was 9 years ago !!!!  & one new puppy    later!!

We loved the delivery service was but I guess we will have to join the 20th century & use "Grubhub" for our delivery  from now on....but it was nice   to meet some of the staff last night!!

The cheese steaks are the "real deal" rolls and all & grab a Tastykake (Krumptets sp?)

R my favorites but they have them all!!! &&& GO, go go EAGLES

Phyllis from Philly

David W.


4.0 star rating


Jake's steaks is located in a super chill neighborhood. Something you don't see too often. The place was decked out in Philly gear and sports paraphernalia. The sandwiches are filled with LOTs of meat and it couldn't get any better than that. Juicy and cheesy! It's definitely NOT a disappointment!


5.0 star rating


Awesome wings but the hamburger is plenty and the price is right. The beer is cold and the service is very good. sports theme is fin, although I can live without the Eagles!!! the crowd is lively and the food is the right price. Best sports bar in the hood. stop by!


5.0 star rating


Awesome wings but the hamburger is plenty and the price is right. The beer is cold and the service is very good. sports theme is fin, although I can live without the Eagles!!! the crowd is lively and the food is the right price. Best sports bar in the hood. stop by!


5.0 star rating


Just the way Philly Cheesesteak should be! Husband and I split the 12" original and some cheese fries. We were so full afterwards and gobbled down every last bite. The sandwich was made hot to order and was just like the ones we have had in Philly. Great meat, onion, and whiz ratios! The fries were a great, and very saucey touch! I'll be bacK!


5.0 star rating


I've been looking for a great cheesesteak in the bay area for forever. And Boom! Found it. Jake's steaks has so many options, I really like the mushroom American style with a bunch of pickled hot peppers and damn! This place delivered. Meat seasoned perfectly and sliced super thin. I will be back for sure!!

Criss cut fries were super crispy and fresh!


4.0 star rating


Really great sandwiches  great delivery 20 min. Great prices, we will surely eat their food again!!


5.0 star rating


Hospitality is great food is really good. Shoutout to the owners junior and naz for great service give high fives and fist bumps. Honestly, would recommend if you are into greasy goodness. They do have vegetarian options, but man the cheesesteaks are to die for. Not to mention cold drafts on tap can't go wrong. I had the jakes special whooooaaaa off the hook. Th

5.0 star rating


Ordered Online with Yelp

I was craving something different for dinner, no burgers or pizza or Chinese food.  I was about to order from Busters Cheesesteaks in North Beach, which I love, but the parking situation can be a mess and its out of my way to get home.  But I came across Jakes Steaks.  Plenty of great reviews, on my way home, easy online ordering.

I got the regular Cheese Steak with Wiz, fries and a drink.   The guys inside are AWESOME.  We talked about the meat and bread they use etc.  They were making my sandwhich as I got there.

This thing was freakin' awesome!  Even after a 20 min drive home.  Very generous on the meat and soft roll.  The fries were ok, but that's not why I went here.  My brother-in-law lived in Philly for 2 years and knows cheese steaks.  After sending pictures and describing it, he said this looked closer than anything he's ever seen.  And I will be taking him there on his next visit.

I'd so go back there and have already recommended to several people.ank you again Junior and Naz I will definitely be coming back!


5.0 star rating


Being from philly myself and a new resident of San Francisco it's good to get a taste of home! The fact that they have Amoroso rolls and know the meaning of "Wiz-Wit" and "Wiz-Witout" makes it amazing! If you are looking for an authentic Philly Cheesesteak this is the place! They even have Tasteykakes! If you are originally from philly and want a taste of home without actually going home this is the place


4.0 star rating


Jake's has the best cheesesteak I've had outside of Philadelphia. They do it right. I am always hesitant to try a cheesesteak outside of Philly, but after taking a peek at how they make them, I knew I had to try it.

If you're craving a cheesesteak and you're in SF, look no further than Jake's. You won't be disappointed.

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